MSNBC Host Praises Bombs While Shunning Guns

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes attempted to use the terrorist attack in New York and New Jersey to advance the cause of gun control.

“We’re also very very lucky that the attackers tried to use explosives rather than guns,” Hayes said on Twitter.

Other than the fact that Hayes’ statement was entirely incorrect, Ahmad Khan Rahami did use a firearm to attack police officers and wounded two, is that presumption that guns are more dangerous than bombs.

In case any reader is unaware, Hayes is not a fortuneteller. He has absolutely no idea what would have happened had Rahami walked into the Marine 5K or a Midtown Manhattan with a firearm. The gun could have malfunctioned, a police officer could have shot him before he ever got to shoot anyone, or he could have had terrible aim and just wounded several people without killing anyone and would have eventually be thwarted.

Hayes is also totally ignorant of the fact that hundreds of people could have been killed by Rahami had it not been for a miracle of what unfolded over the weekend.

Had it not been for an unrelated delay in the marine 5k, hundreds of runners would have passed by the garbage can containing a pipe bomb the exploded in Seaside Heights, N.J.

Another miraculous incident occurred at the attempted bombing near the Elizabeth, N.J. Transit station. According to The Washington Post, two homeless men found the backpack containing the five explosives and picked it up thinking it was valuable. When they realized it was a bomb, they alerted the police.

The mayor of Elizabeth said that they “were on the side of angels” because the bombs could have quickly exploded while the two men handled them and had they not found them “hundreds of people would have been killed and injured.”

Rather than focusing on those miracles or acts of luck, Hayes, of course, had to run back to politics. Liberals like him can score more points with people who lose their lives from a gun than a bomb.

Truly a sad and disgusting statement from the kind of mind that “can never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

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