Hello World, From Ali and Lucian of Rabble

The video accompanying this post is a 360 degree video. If you are in browser that is compatible, you'll be able to pan around as Ali and Lucian share a little bit about the brand we're building.

The Internet is a big place. Still, the world is even bigger.

Our systems are broken. People feel that. People know that. It’s time to part with these old systems, breaking them if need be. We want Rabble to be something new, something different, something useful.

Ali has spent nearly a decade in the professional political consulting space. Often times, he is the definition of a rabble rouser, co-founding the modern day tea party, supporting grassroots candidates who have uprooted the establishment’s carefully crafted ineffectualness, and firing off tweets that make new. He’s exiting the inside game so that he can throw stones from the outside. The next chapter of his life to launching a brand that he believes can better our broken system. As Rabble’s Editorial Director, Ali will usher the content guidelines, making sure we maintain consistency and stay true to our mission.

While Lucian is eternally grateful and blessed that up until recently he was able to focus my marketing talents peddling chocolate at an incredible company until ‘ideological differences’ struck, he’s more than excited to put his vast, immersive, and at times overwhelming talents, to a new greater use. Assuming the role of Creative Director, Lucian will guide the visual look and feel of the brand, accompanying media outreach projects, help drive cultural content.

We both happen to be right-of-center in our political leanings. We make no bones about that. Above that, however, we both fervently believe in free speech and awesome expression. It’s in the fiery furnace of debate (sometimes intellectual rigor, other times name calling and the making of memes) where actual solutions are found. All of our partners won’t share our politics and nor with our advertisers, readers, or strategic allies. As we expand, we’ll introduce our partners.

We both were early to content, creating school and neighborhood newspapers, exploring the internet and playing with new mediums. We’ve both participated . We share a belief that content should always surpass political leanings. Too often are these notions stripped from the media entities we currently have. There is less space for truth when spin rules the narrative. We don’t believe that we should have to suppress our leanings, but instead be transparent about them and not let them govern every aspect of our company or deprive us of having a lively debate. 

Come ye patriots, socialists, Bernie or Busters, tea party activists, occupy dwellers, curious stay-at-home dads, working women, black conservatives, blue dog democrats—all other individuals. While we cannot be all things to all people, we know we’ll be of the people and advocate for the people. The status quo has failed. The elites have betrayed us. With Rabble, we are going to help give everyone who has a *thought out* opinion a voice and platform to tackle whatever that might be. As Matt Drudge once yelled, “WHY ARE YOU PLAYING IN THEIR SANDBOX WHEN YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN?!”

First, we reject all premises intended to limit us or encourage our failure. Next, we create.

So here’s to the muckrakers, the curious ones, the troublemakers, the rabble rousers.

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