LIVE: Debate — Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK — The first General Election presidential debate will take place at Hofstra University tonight at 9 p.m. ET. You can watch the debate live here (we’re tapping into NBC News via YouTube [because PBS NewsHour stopped]) or you can find your preferred method by checking out the roundup from Recode.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20165:56 pm

Very much looking forward to tonight, rabble rousers! Catch you at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20167:06 pm

Ali Akbar September 26, 20167:08 pm

Ali Akbar September 26, 20167:56 pm

First photos of Donald and Hillary from the… debate.
Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:06 pm

Hillary Clinton in a power red suit and Donald Trump with a blue(dash of purplse?) tie.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:10 pm

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton and he agree largely on childcare. He says he wants to battle China and the exporting of jobs.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:10 pm

Not sure what face Trump is making right now…..

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:11 pm

Trump: “We have to stop these countries from stealing our companies and our jobs.”

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:11 pm

Clinton: “Trickle-down economics… the most extreme version. I call it “Trumped” up trickle down.”

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:13 pm

“We have to stop these countries from stealing our companies and our jobs.”-Trump

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:15 pm

Trump to Clinton: “I want you to be very happy, it’s important to me”

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:15 pm

This debate is smelling a bit… bias. Hoping it doesn’t go full Left.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:16 pm

Trump’s mentioning of China right now is both reminding me of how frustrated with our current system I am and making me hungry for Chinese food.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:17 pm

If Trump is smart, he’ll agree with Clinton saying we shouldn’t go back to bad policies and then tout his anti-NAFTA position again.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:18 pm

translation of what Hillary is saying: “Let’s keep going with the current failed policies and see how they play out!”

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:18 pm

Fact-check: Clinton just lied saying Donald Trump believes that the Chinese invented global warming alarmism.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:19 pm

EVERY dem loves to mention solar panels – they are LITERALLY one of the most inefficient sources of energy. Look it up folks.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:19 pm

Trump: 30years

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:20 pm

“I’ve thought about this quite a bit” Trump: “YEA for 30 years” LOL

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:22 pm

Hillary Clinton is smart and knowledgable, but Donald Trump forcing the public to make a value judgement on her 30 year record.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:23 pm

If Donald Trump keeps slamming “30 years” and NAFTA, he’ll be up a few points tomorrow. He may have just won the debate.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:23 pm

Clinton is crushing him right now. She’s letting Trump look bitter and violent for talking over her.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:24 pm

Reader just tweeted this to me:

Donald Trump did say global warming was a concept invented by the Chinese. Hillary Clinton is ready with the oppo file.
Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:24 pm

“You’re gonna regulate these businesses out of existence.” -Trump

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:26 pm

“And take a look at mine also” -Trump . yummmmm

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:26 pm

Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton: “No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.”

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:28 pm

As of writing this – Trump’s website is literally down O_o – I blame ISIS

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:28 pm

No one feels sorry for a liar. Donald Trump has free rein to get aggressive with Hillary Clinton because of her untrustworthiness numbers.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:31 pm

While Trump touts his background in economics, Clinton is pushing her experience in the senate and leveraging that to actually make decisions and provide clear, drawn-out plans.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:33 pm

HRC has really managed to get under Trump’s skin and push his buttons while maintaining her dignity.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:34 pm

No she isint, Jordan. The only thing drawn-out with her is silencing the women Bill raped.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:34 pm

Trump is cool as a cucumber; let’s see those emails HRC!

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:34 pm

There has never been a debate like this. Ever.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:35 pm

After attacking “bait and switch,” Hillary Clinton bait and switches a long list of maybes on why Donald Trump hasn’t released his tax returns.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:37 pm

“We’ll guess. We’ll keep guessing.” — Hillary Clinton on why she’ll use every possible and impossible reason for why Trump hasn’t released returns.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:38 pm

Being a horrible person doesn’t disqualify her from winning this debate Lucian. That doesn’t mean she’s fit to be president though. Don’t confuse my unbiased observations as support for HRC. 😉

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:40 pm

Trump literally just said, “I’m richer than you think I am.”

Is this really a presidential debate or a measuring contest?
Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:41 pm

Hillary Clinton using her dead father (for the third time). Classy. Painfully awkward. debates debatenight

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:42 pm

On point observations @Jordan

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:47 pm

If you’ve ever merely given a cursory glance at a basic psychology book, you’d know Clinton is leveraging Trump’s personality against him. She’s finding his flaws and very, very, carefully exploiting them in order to get a reaction from him. I honestly have no clue how she’s done this and maintained her poise.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:47 pm

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:49 pm

No she isn’t Jordan, if you’ve even looked at the cover of a psychology book, you’d realize that she’s sweating as he keeps using her *actual* record against her and her abysmal popularity ratings.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:49 pm

No she isn’t Jordan, if you’ve even looked at the cover of a psychology book, you’d realize that shes sweating as he keeps using her *actual* record against her and her abysmal popularity ratings.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:51 pm

Lucian, Lester Holt is sweating more than she is. Trump’s forehead is the color of our website header. Clinton is calm and presidential looking.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:51 pm

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:52 pm

Liar, liar, pant suit on fire

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:54 pm

YUGE oversight by Donald Trump to not slam Clinton crime bill here. Huge. Tactical mistake. debates

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20168:55 pm

“You shouldn’t have a private [financial] motivation to fill public prisons” – HRC

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:55 pm

During Hillary’s current ramble I was able to place an order on Amazon Prime’s new restaurant delivery feature & calculate spending exactly $20. Why did I need to spend exactly $20? BECAUSE right now, using the code EatLocal20 – you can save 20 off your first Amazon prime order, that’s right folks! Free food, and Sander’s isn’t the one giving it out.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20168:56 pm

Finally bringing up “superpredator”—Hillary Clinton’s horribly racist remark. debates

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:56 pm

Hillary is the real “Super Predator” – look at her record silencing Bill’s rape victims

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20168:57 pm


Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:00 pm

Lester Holt is a pathetic moderator. Cut Trump off already. At this point he’s being disrespectful.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:00 pm

Ew, I thought the audience not allowed to clap? Especially at Clinton’s trite “I’m prepared to be the next president” response

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:00 pm

The Clinton campaign did invent birtherism in 2008. Fact.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:04 pm

Barack Obama is not an “African-American.” He was born to an African man and a white American woman. He is American. debates

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:07 pm

@Lucian, can you please go more into detail about how you know about Obama’s sexual proclivities? Also, at least Obama hasn’t said he’d sleep with his daughter. Less than Trump can say. Being gay is fine, incest is not.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:08 pm

Left-wing debate. Holt set this question up so that Clinton could use her tired Trump-Russia line.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:09 pm

“Cyber warfare is important” – says the woman who didn’t take it seriously while serving as Sec State.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:10 pm

He was JUST ENDORSED BY ICE!!! Without them, most drinks just wouldn’t be as good.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:11 pm

If Hillary is elected, say goodby to cold beverages folks, oh… and national employment

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:11 pm

Did Trump just say a government agency endorsed him? Hold on a minute….

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:16 pm

So over this rigged debate.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:16 pm

ICE can’t endorse anyone, FYI @Lucian. It’s a gov’t agency.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:17 pm

Thanks for that fact check @Ali!

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:20 pm

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:21 pm

No, a basic, rudimental knowledge of how our borders are secured will indicate after mentioning border patrol agents, he was referring to the government agency.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:23 pm

No he wasn’t Jordan. He was talking about the frozen water that improves the standard of living for all American citizens.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:23 pm

I will conceded that he was totally rambling right there and I think both he and I lost track of what the hell he was talking about

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:24 pm

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:25 pm

This debate sucks.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:26 pm

“It’s getting a little bit old, I’m just gonna say” – Trump

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:27 pm

I swear these idiots act like the president has a “launch nuclear weapons” button strapped to their waist like old women have those “help I can’t get up” panic buttons – that ISINT HOW IT WORKS, FOLKS

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:29 pm

Is there a drinking game for this debate?

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:30 pm


Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:30 pm

“Words matter.” Thank you, Hillary Clinton. That cleared that shit up.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:31 pm

LOL Ali. She sounds like my kindergarten teacher. AND my kindergarten teacher was as crooked as the day is long

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:31 pm

Hillary Clinton talking to literally everyone else but American voters. Fitting.

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:32 pm

DRINKING GAME: every time HRC obviously is reciting something pre-written (happening right now)

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:34 pm

Hillary Clinton has the stamina of an ill patient. Oh wait. debates

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:35 pm

Lucian Wintrich September 26, 20169:36 pm

As a side note: yesterday, while flying back from Louisianna, I had impeccably packed two bottles of southern Whiskey along with my belongings. When I opened my luggage the straps securing my incredible packing were undone, everything was shifted, which caused one of the bottles to break, spilling whiskey over half my clothing and books, and there was a little note on top of it all that said, “This bag was randomly searched by the TSA”. Now I have a piece of glass in my toe. That is why we need Trump in the White House ASAP.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:36 pm

My drinking game is a little different Lucian. Take a swig every time Trump interrupts Hillary and acts like a bully.

Almost done with a 5th of bourbon by now.
Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:36 pm

@Lucian LOLOL

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:37 pm

“Not a nice thing she’s done.” Donald, you’re running for President.

Ali Akbar September 26, 20169:41 pm

Agree with CNN’s Jake Tapper. First 20 minutes, Donald Trump ruled this debate. Then he took all of Hillary Clinton’s bait and it was chaos. I’m done.

Jordan Harrison September 26, 20169:43 pm

CBSN is replaying clips of The Donald showing out…. God help the republican party.

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