Some College Republicans Are Sitting Trump Out

Donald Trump may be a favorite among some right-leaning millennials, but he has yet to rally many of the political activists of the generation. The GOP relies on college republicans for its door-knocking and field operations (and blue haired ladies for the phone banking), where young activists are looking to beef up their resumes and can be bought off with cheap pizza.

Some chapters in the Texas College Republican Federation are making their non-endorsement official including the Texas A&M chapter, as featured by local College Station news.

According to KBTX, chapter Chairman David Isenhour Jr. told the news outlet that they will focus on down-ballot races. “In accordance with the official strategy of the Texas Federation of College Republicans, the focus for this election cycle is to assist in contested races throughout Texas up and down the ballot where each College Republican chapter can make the largest difference. Specifically our chapter has been directed to assist in the election of, former Aggie and former Student Body President, Congressman Will Hurd. We will do all we can to assure the continued success of the Republican Party across the state of Texas.”

Isenhour did mention that the chapter had never released a statement after a candidate had secured the nomination, calling Trump’s status as nominee “self-evident.”

A cursory glance at the website national arm, the College Republican National Committee, featured no pro-Trump images or even a mention.

Screenshot of CRNC website

CRNC website accessed 4:45pm ET


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